10 Random Fact about me.

I Feel the truth behind authenticity is actually getting to know the person behind their work. what can you resonate with, who actually are they! I love being honest about who I am where I come from, my journey, my teachers. my flaws..

1.But today and just for fun ( and a visual journey of me!)  here are some things about me you might not know. I was born in Essex, England but haven’t lived in UK since 2012. I have moved a lot and lived in 4 countries UK, Australia, Tanzania and South Africa.. I wonder where is next?

2. I have a BA Hons degree in Cultural Studies from Norwich School of Art, where I studied a lot about feminism and researched women artists. Before easy internet access, Google (or anything of use on it!) I had to trapse to dusty record offices, scroll through hours of microfiche. But also hours in the amazing V&A art libraries. I Also spent months making lots of complex artwork, that 20 years later can now be done on your mobile phone in 2 minutes…

3. I have a passion for creating. Art, creativity, and all things organic, cyclical and colourful. My favourite things are patterns, colours in both nature and abstract art.  My favourite artists range from Klimt and Rothko, to  Hepworth and hundertwasser. Creativity is all around us and our expressions are unique to us.

4. I am proudly Dyslexic and Left-handed, definitely contributing to my creative connections and visual learner. I only learning about my dyslexia at university.  I also have a form of synesthesia.. (more on this another day.)

5. I am a mum of a 4-year-old girl and happy with just 1 child. (plus 2 dogs and a cat) after 2 miscarriages, postnatal depression and breastfeeding D-Mer. I choose my mental health and my calling to support others… I also choose sleep!

6. In my later 20’s went travelling for 6 weeks and kept going for 4 years. I learned to step out of my comfort zone, to take risks, enjoying the adventure, meeting some of my best friends and living the rollercoaster of life on the road. Though I am happy to have a permanent home and hot running water. I do miss the adventure!7. I only retrained in massage and yoga after 30, but have dedicated the last 13 years to yoga and women’s health and inner wisdom. I am a forever student and my teacher is my own body.8. Music is my soul healer, no amount of spiritual wisdom can reach to my soul than music. It can transport me anywhere and anytime. We often have dance parties before bedtime in our home.My favourite musicians are Dave Grohl, Eddie Vedder, the Smiths.. but also love anything rock, indie, alternative, folk, even a little country. I use my mum’s favourite music to stay connected to Her.(I took this photo in 2001, my claim to fame is that Dave Grohl winked at me!)9. I can fall asleep anywhere.. Anytime if I am tired. I have fallen asleep standing up on an indonesian ferry, standing on the  London underground. On planes even before take off!  Mostly today in yoga, or playing doctors in the playroom.

10. I am fiercely passionate about empowering women and raising them up. I have no time and wary of those who do not support each other in this work. I go out of my way to collaborate, connect and support others, even if they are directly doing the same as me…. because we are in this together, the more we join up the louder our voice and stronger the message.

so if you are interested in cyclical living, menstruality for vitality and creativity, or just connect as women in business give me a shout! i love working with others! Hopefully, you learnt something new about me! 
Now tell me about you?
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