10 reasons to practice prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga
Prenatal yoga


Prenatal yoga is a little different to your hot yoga class or your vinyasa flow but just because you aren’t getting sweaty doesn’t mean it isn’t enough. If fact the practices that are the most profound for a happy pregnancy and calm birth are the subtle and simple breathing, relaxations and positive affirmations. But here are 10 great reasons to practice yoga when you are expecting.

1. Keeps you pregnancy fit.

Now I am not talking fit to run a marathon (although you may be!) I am thinking everyday movement to keep you subtle, strong and stable to carry a healthy pregnancy. A good level of fitness will also help to feel strong in birth and aid your postnatal recovery.

2. Adapt to your new body.

It is all new if this is your 1st baby, everything from your boobs to your hair might feel and look different. As your baby grows things are only going to keep changing. yoga and meditations teaches us to accept change is constant. Practicing simple movements can also help you appreciating your new body. You’ll be suprised at what you can do rather than focusing on what you can’t.

3. To feel empowered.

Pregnancy can be a time of great fear and uncertainty, many women start to doubt their own insticts, overloaded with info and advice.
Using positive affirmations and mantra that come from the heart, can help you really trust your own body and disolve fears. when we tune into your inner wisdom, we can trust our bodies, our babies and our birth team.

4. Learn to relax.

Being told to relax isn’t easy if you are not used to it, sometimes we have to learn to let go and rest. Yoga relaxations and meditations are simple easily followed and effective.
With broken sleep due to restless legs, uncomfortable bumps and needing to pee. You’ll be thankful to cosy up on the floor with cushions and blankets.

5. Meet other mums to be.

Over the years i have seen life long friends formed in a yoga class. Many busy working mums have an hour a week to meet other pregnant women and chat/moan and bond. I love that I met my mum friends whilst teaching pregnant. The support is amazing once babies arrive.

6. Connect with your baby.

It can be quite abstract to bond with your unborn baby,  Heart womb meditations and breathing practices can bring your awareness to your growing baby. I hear from mums who are worried that their baby hasn’t moved all day, once we start to connect and relax, they often report that baby has started kicking away.

7. Find energy!

Yoga movements are designed to release tension and invite energy in. Learning to let go and relax often leaves you feeling rejuventated. All the practices are not to deplete your already tired bodies but to boost vitality.

8. Helps towards a positive birth.

Breathing practices learnt in yoga not only calm the mind in pregnancy but also help to keep focused and fear free in labour. Fear leads to tension, tension leads to pain and pain leads to fear.. get it? If you can break the fear/pain cycle you will feel so much more secure and relaxed in all birth situations.

9 Alliviate pregnancy symptoms.

Movement and postures not only keep you fit but can release tension from sore backs to creating stability to pelvic and hip pain. Yoga can help reduce swelling as well as reduce blood pressure.  In general, yoga has amazing benefits to finding comfort and balance.

10. Enjoy pregnancy!

With all the aches, pains, worries and tiredness. It is ok to feel low. Yoga can give you a chance to feel free in your body, excited to meet your baby and have some fun. It can boost your mood, and can reduce prenatal depression. So find a prenatal class, move, breath, sigh and empower your way through pregnancy.


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