Deep Winter- New Moon..Newsletter July

Welcome to This months Newsletter

Deep Winter.. New Moon

Welcome to my new Monthly Newsletter.

I have been through quite a transformation in the last few months. and like most transformations, they are not always explosive or majestic, most are quite mundane, slow going and you don’t really know what is happening to you pop out the other side!
Anyway, it is all good news as I am now ready to share more of me, my work and help you unearth the deep wisdom we already have!

I have changed a few pictures and branding to show more of the real me.. the messy, colourful and down to earth creations I make.

There is nothing fluffy, flighty or to out there.. just real, earthy grounded work that connects us to… us!
so feet firmly planted in the cool winter soil (in Southern Hemisphere) I bring you some juicy new offerings…..

A Virtual Cyclical Half Day Retreat…
Sunday 8th August 1-4pm 
Join me and Cassandra from Yoga Steps, to acknowledge Women’s Day
What better than connecting in a circle of women in a virtual workshop.
  • We will be exploring the cyclical nature of our beings through…
  • Yoga, The Seasons and Creativity.
  • This is for all women wishing to connect with themselves in a nurturing space.
  • Pre-workshop buildup and resources will be sent in the days before.
  • Discount on an additional person on one login.

Costs: R450/ R750 for 2 (on same login) – Location: Online Dates: 8th August 2021

Taster into Menstrual Cycle Awareness- A Mini Workshop
  • Intro talk and discussion to introduce what Menstrual Cycle Awareness is.
  • learn about further courses, mentoring and why it is important in our lives.
  • Receive free tips, taster and Practical resources and charts.
  • start off with ideas on how to chart your cycle.
  • 10 % Discount on 6 Week courses on MCA/ Mentoring Sessions

Costs: R250- Location: Online Dates: 22nd August














Coming Soon 

if you love my taster workshop.. you can then start your MCA journey, with 1 of 3 options….
1.  Online Intro to Menstrual Cycle Awareness Course.  (group interaction)

  • 6-week group course learning to chart your cycle for wellness, creativity and inner wisdom
  • Starts Mid August

2.  Online Intro to Menstrual Cycle Awareness Course.  (at your own pace)

  • At Your Own pace Course workbook to go through.
  • Learn about the inner seasons and the rise and fall of energies.
  • Starts Mid August

3.  1-1 Menstrual Cycle Awareness Mentoring Sessions 

  • Learn about the inner seasons and the rise and fall of energies.over 2 months.
  • Starts Today!
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