25 days of Self Care- an alternative Advent calendar

25 days of Self Care #selfcareadvent


I have been thinking of this for a while and he 1st of December is here. With the run up to a time that is supposed to be about family friends, giving and love, it can all get a bit crazy and over indulgent, leading to guilt, stress and debt!
So here is my alternative Advent calendar as gift to you and myself. A whole 25 days of Self-Care

What is Self Care?
We all have little goals in life many of us are always looking to ‘improve’ ourselves whether in work, society or our physical or emotional body. Although being motivated to better isn’t necessary a bad thing, if we forget to stop and look at where we actually are; we are always looking ahead and forget to see that maybe, at this present moment we are actually ok!
If we forget the simple acts of self care and self acceptance we can lead to stress, anxiety and a feeling of failure or guilt.
Self care is not here to make you a better person. It won’t make you rich, it won’t change how you look. But it will change how you see yourself.

Self Care is something that makes you feel more connected with yourself, it will fill you with self love and acceptance, It is rejuvenating, nourishing and balancing. It will be stress free, kind and loving. It is guilt free time that will help you feel happier in your skin. You might see how perfect you already are.

‘Self care is rejuvenating, nourishing and balancing’

What it isn’t is self indulgence into unhealthy habits or a distraction, so try not ‘treat’ yourself with overeating, alcohol or shopping for example, these acts often leaving us feeling more hollow and disconnected. The act of self care is often a lot simpler and you will see from the list below of ideas, that we often overlook the little things that really make us feel happy and fulfilled.

So for the next 25 days I will post a self care idea that I will also be doing. Join in and feel free to post your own ideas,tag #selfcareadvent in facebook or instagram or twitter 

(remember self care doesn’t have to take hours, 10 mins a day is enough and even those with hectic lives and families can take 10 mins off the phone and internet to practice.)

Here are some ideas to get you going.

1.Go to bed early
2.Go for a walk
3.Take a nap
4.Dance to your favourite music
5.Meditate for 10 mins
6.Have reflexology or aromatheray treatment
7.Sit and reread your favourite book
8.Draw paint sketch
9.Spend time with your pets
10.Start a colouring book or doodle
11.Focus on a your hobbies
12.Knit or crochet
13.Phone a friend of family member for a chat
14.Take a bath
15.Bake something
16.Watch a favourite film
17.Go for a massage
18.Listen to a meditation
19.Sit in a park
20.Write in a journal
21.Go to a yoga class practice at home or do some simple stretches
22.Listen to a relaxation or yoga nidra
23.Have dinner by candle light
24.Watch your breath
25.Go to a museum or gallery
26.Meet up with a friend
27.Turn off your phone
28.Read a nourishing or feel good article

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