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What my Clients and Students say…

Just a note to say how much I appreciate your massages, My spasticity and paralysis cause me distress but each time after a treatment I feel energised and sensations in ‘dead’ zones I look forward to my next treatment and your visit with great pleasure‘   Roberta. 

After my wonderful Thai massage I felt very spiritually uplifted and that amazing feeling of being alive‘  Nora  

I attended Andrea’s class as a total beginner. I found it a very relaxed friendly atmosphere and she spent a lot of time correcting my posture and helped me get the most out of the class. My posture and flexibility has greatly improved since starting. Her relaxation at the end of each class has really helped ground me and is one of the only times in my busy life that I am totally relaxed and in the moment.’  Joe

‘From the heart, and for the soul One couldn’t ask for a more honest and genuine teacher for the practice of Yoga. Andrea’s understanding of the connection between the realities of modern life with all of its ups & downs and the way our bodies manefest this into stress, aches and pains gives her the ability to teach yoga for the soul from the heart. Importantly, the way she interacts with her students is never from a place of superiority, but of understanding that for most of us, the practice of yoga is something to fit into our real world lives, and not some search for mystical enlightenment. If you are looking for a teacher who can help you find a peaceful centre within yourself in a genuine, practical and caring manner, look no further…… You’ve found it here.’   Johnathan