Community- life off the Mat..


Yoga for me is bringing people together, bringing them home to themselves and maybe the tree hugging hippy in me just wants us to love each other! (Picture is proof)

tree hugger 2

I trained with OFF THE MAT INTO THE WORLD helping yogi’s find a purpose and take action in their communities.   Yoga in Action is a grass roots training and journey of self discovery and community building. Sharpening what are your passions, what brings you in balance and what is your path or purpose.  I am still on that journey even as I share and train others. It is hard to care about everyone and everything so make it small, first start with yourself, then if there is something that you do care about, do something about it.

Since my recent move to Tanzania, I hope to develop my passion for sharing yoga with women and teaching yoga teacher on women’s health. I hope to teach in my community and set up community projects, and combine yoga with my passion for art and creativity.


If you are interested in Training with me in ‘YOGA in ACTION’ to help you find your calling or Seva,  please contact me. also for courses and workshops on ‘Tuning into your Intuition’ & workshops to open your creativity and ‘sharpen your tools’