Happy New Year or is it?

connecting with your babyHappy New year to you all! It is January 2018 we have said goodbye to 2017, all her highs and lows. Time to start a fresh with a New You have you made your new resolutions?!!!! 

urgh..I have been there, I have said this to you and some times I and you feel like it is a fresh start and other times it feels wrong.. What am I talking about?

Well Cycle Awareness. We don’t say it is a new season on the 1st of the month or that our new day starts at midnight (although technically it does as with our year) but it start when we wake up! The seasons change when the air changes and the leaves grow or fall. This is why I feel New years is a fraud. If you are in the middle of winter, nobody has any money, you have just come out of a busy social and indulgent period. Nothing feels very fresh or new. In the South it is hot and sticky full of high energy even a full moon at 4am tomorrow morning.

For me my new year always seems to start in the spring when our energy starts to come back we want to spring clean the house, get outside more and feel healthier. Every year we set new year resolution only to waiver or fail mid January. This isn’t because you are weak or a failure or that you never stick to things, it is just bad timing.

In cycle awareness we chart the patterns of our energies, our desires, needs, dreams as well as our moods. The best time to start with anything is when we feel ready, not just because it is the 1st of January.  Every season has it’s possibilities and it’s limitations. when you start to see these patterns emerging, they can be your source of power to take charge of your life.


For example in the Autumn we tend to become more reflective and assertive… and summer we are more full energy and love enjoying the light and sunshine. In Winter we tend to hide out at home with our family and curl up with a good book, we become more inward both physically and emotionally. These aren’t the only cycles and seasons to affect our life, the moon can play a big roll on some peoples energies, just ask any nurse in A&E at a full moon, accidents and many have trouble sleeping.

Not forgetting the Menstrual cycle the most powerful for women, the different stages of a women’s cycle start to show shifts in energies just like the earth seasons, these are our inner seasons for me personally, I have learnt that my inner Autumn (premenstrual) is a bad time to plan anything and if I do I end up going round in circles, not very productive and frustrated.

So bringing me back to New Year and those resolutions, once we become a lot more in tune with our outer and inner cycles we can really see when is the best time to start new things and clean up our life, but if you ask any premenstual woman in winter if she wants to join a gym or start a detox program,… you may not live to tell the tale.

This Near Year, why not ditch the resolutions, check where you are in your inner and outer season and where the moon phase is, start a diary or chart. When you start to feel a little more focused and creative make a plan.. then go ahead with those resolutions and manifest them in your ‘summer energy or the waxing moon. see if you stick to them a little longer.


moon phases

and yes of course Happy New Year, and this years first Full Moon.

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