Lunar Eclipse- Blood Moon

Blood moon-time for change

What an amazing time this is. As August is women’s month we are initiated into it with a Full lunar eclipse on Friday 27th July. I love that is also called a ‘blood moon’. The reddish colour due to the passing of the earth’s shadow across the full moon, with the earth’s atmosphere refracting the sun’s light.
In ancient times eclipses were thought to be a bad omen or bring bad luck. It was advised not to eat, or pregnant women were told not to outside This may be due to the fact that there is a change in the air and behaviour to animals and humans.moon phases

The moon has long been associated with the feminine and the menstrual cycle. The feminine energy is about connecting with your emotions, your body and your intuition. A lunar eclipse can bring a big disruption in hormones and creative energies but it is a sign of rebirth, new beginnings and putting you on the right path.

The Eclipse and Cycle Awareness


If we look at the eclipse in terms of cycle awareness, our new moon energies are in tune with our inner wisdom a deep sense of knowing and intuition, the full moon energies are there to manifest and reach our full potential. The effect of the eclipse is as if the new moon or winter energies and inner critic of the late autumn or waning moon are brought abruptly into our inner summer and full moon expansion. What would this look like?
For me, I see it is a big pause, a wake-up and clean up directly in our full bloom. Are we on the right path? what do we need to get on with? what do we need to let go of?
I remember distinctively the last time this happened in Africa in 2015. I was living in Tanzania and I had recently had a miscarriage after only 6 weeks of pregnancy. It was a sad time, and after a period of grieving, I took the sighting of the lunar eclipse as a sign. I had a sense of closure and a new beginning. Shortly after I got married (after 5 years with my partner) and we moved to South Africa.
This time I am wondering what changes it will bring. I am hoping for nothing too dramatic, but even little changes can be profound. If my cycle is on track this month I should be in menstruating at this time. This is also my time of letting go, surrendering and renewing. I am hoping for big visions and directions this month!!

So how should we approach this week’s full moon/eclipse? 

  • Prepare for big or little changes to your smooth plans! Things might get shaken up. 
  • Have your journal ready, to see what ideas and heightened wisdom come up. 
  • Be prepared for the inner critic to come out where she doesn’t always show. She may have important messages for you. 
  • Balance this fluctuation of energy with lots of grounding self-care, and nourishing food. 
  • Get your creative expression on. Have your crayons or paints ready! 
  • Physical witness the moon and eclipse if you can. Enjoy the marvel of the perfect alignment of our celestial bodies.
  • Use this eclipse to realign or reaffirm your intentions for the remainder of the month or for the coming months.

Ps. A side note. 

As with all these things, they have as much or as little power that we give to them, don’t get too caught up like our ancestors in good or bad omens and energetic shifts. If you are ready to change somethings in your life, these rare occasions give us an opportunity to stop and revise.  Only with true self-acceptance and permission can you start to change anything in your life. Otherwise just get outside and just enjoy this beautiful show that the heavens have sent.

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