So what do you do?!

A day in the life of a mothering yoga teacher & Women’s Wellbeing mentor


I wake to a kiss on my nose and a little person ready to go. I take a few breaths, allow gratitude to settle in my body before I realise how tired I really am. My day starts not with meditation in my dusty yoga studio, but with nappy changes, books, breakfasts and clearing up. I sip cold tea and wipe porridge off the floor.

Around 10 or 11 am a grumpy toddler runs to my arms half crying, half giggling as she knows it’s nap time. We snuggle in bed together, (the cat, joins at my feet), she feeds and cuddles to sleep. This is when my practice really starts.

I breathe…I settle into a body and mind relaxation. I sink into my heart and womb, my home to my wisdom:

All knowing swirling yonisthana chakra, shakti rising, my life giver.

I listen… Today I am day 7 of my menstrual cycle. I am emerging from the inner winter of my menstruation, moving slowly to my inner spring of pre-ovulation. IMG_20180709_184354_719

The seasonal analogies of my cycle are part of menstruality, or cycle awareness. Learning patterns, gifts and needs of our ever-changing life cycles. I use the information I receive to me to guide my day.

Weaving poetry, art, meditation and movement. This is not the yoga I was practising or teaching 10 years ago.

My day then would start with hot herbal tea and a daily asana practice on my mat.  I am lucky these days to get 10 mins to play at a few postures, to connect to my body,  or strengthen my exhausted mum body. But I feel more connected, dedicated and in harmony than all the hours I spend conditioning my body in a pool of asana sweat.

This is not to say, that many years of yoga have been wasted, or that I won’t one day return to a daily asana practice worthy of Instagram.. But today my dedicated practice (my new term for ‘yoga’) is to breath and listen deeply to what my guide is whispering in my ear.  I check in on my physical energy and my emotions. I listen to my dreams and visions. I have a sense of what I need.DSC_0821

At the heart of my practice is deep self-care. Doing what will light me up, revive me and bring my creative energies to the front. This is different every day and guided by my all powerful menstrual cycle.

Learning how to navigate my cycle has helped me understand myself, on a deeper level than I ever could with a ‘same everyday’ yoga practice.

‘No outer teacher can come close to the deep sense of right wisdom and understanding that flows through a woman who is absolutely and profoundly  connected with her own intuitive understanding’ Yoni Shakti -Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 

Now if I do get on my mat, I listen to what my body actually needs,yoga nidra

  • Does it need to move?
  • Do I need to rest?
  • What kind of movement?
  • Where in my body is calling for attention?

Some days I am full of energy and outside it looks like any normal yoga practice, but it is guided by a deep truth and authentic place and knowing-This is what is needed today. Other days I just lie on my mat breathing,  practicing self-guided relaxation or yoga nidra. Some days I just take a nap (all of the above are quite hard with a toddler crawling over you!) Check out this video to see what I mean!

So the question is, how do I teach this to you? If you came to me for guidance in menstrual health or for yoga for pregnancy, what would it look like?

I often question ‘What do I do?’

To answer this question, I have had to delve deeper into my authentic self and share more than I ever have. But the answers become easier as I share more of myself, my passion, and my visions for others. A few years ago I discovered my motto or mission statement-

‘Unearth your inner wisdom’ 

This is what I encourage in you. IMG_1524307728368          The answers are inside you. They are not on the clothes you wear or the yoga mat you practice on. The wisdom you seek is in you. You are hardwired to know your full potential, your own healing (and all healing is self-healing). I will not heal you, fix you, or solve your problems, but what I will do is guide you to your own inner strength, wisdom and power. This wisdom is the most powerful guru or the most charismatic motivational speaker you will meet. It is the best self-help book you will ever read and she is inside you.

What do I do? –

I help women, of all ages, take charge of their own health and well-being, by learning about their own inner power and wisdom. Teenager to those post-menopause this wisdom is for everyone.

I guide you to understand your own strength, passions and gifts. I help you build a positive relationship with your menstrual cycles and menopause journeys or your pregnancies and births.  You will discover your own inner teacher/guide/guru or goddess. This with revitalise and balancing your own health and well-being giving you the possibility to create a life that is true to your heart’

How do I do it? – 

With nearly 20 year experience of inner work, from yoga, meditation, conscious leadership training and more recently my apprenticeship with Red School. I have found different approaches work for different people. I use a variety of tools and environments to suit your personality, lifestyle and needs. I also use my passion for the creative and artistic processes to help you tap into your ready waiting inner source and guide.

I use a unique combination of everything that I have tried and tested including-DSC_0821

  • Womb yoga (yoga designed to listen and respect the life cycle of your physical and energetic womb)
  • Heart-based Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Thai yoga massage
  • Expressive art/creative processes
  • Journaling
  • Conscious leadership activities
  • Menstrual/menopause cycle awareness
  • Self-care practices

Why do I do it?

The big question at the heart of my work is why I do it. I do this work because I am deeply excited, passionate and trusting that the answers to a wholesome and well-balanced life lie within us.

I wholeheartedly believe in the inner work I do, especially with the menstrual cycle, in accepting myself and how this is the key to how I navigate and show up in the world.

‘Our wild power is the feminine wanting to be known through our individual experience.PicsArt_06-25-05.45.30

It’s our personal service to the revolution. Not a revolution imposed on us, but an organic evolution that works through our bodies’. Wild Power- Alexandra Pope,  Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

We don’t have to ‘improve’ or change anything in ourselves until we truly listen to what our bodies, emotions, energies and patterns are telling us. Only then with honest, authentic and compassionate charge, can we heal and empower our lives, each other and Mother Earth.

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