New Moon Spring

New Moon is here.. and so is that spring energy

Up here in Pretoria. (down in South Africa)  Spring has arrived! almost overnight, birds are busy, the blossom is blooming, seedlings are doing great. we even had our first drizzle of rain and rumble of thunder!
I can also feel that creative energy rising within me too. Even though I may be feeling different inner seasons, I am held by the outer changing of the season.
What are you feeling at the change of seasons, how does it resonate with your inner cycles and nature?

how are you feeling about the change of season? 
what are you sad ( or happy) to leave behind this Spring? what are you welcoming in this spring?
for me..

I let go of the worries over the last months…
I let go of the tension in my body…
I invite in a wash of release and renewal

I welcome the warmer winds and shorts weather! 

This is a perfect practice for every change of season, (inner or outer) Every new moon or even every Week..
Below I have added my New Moon Self Care in Spring.
Today Tuesday 7th September is the 1st New moon of Spring (besides the start at Imbolic)
We get to really welcome the change of season in the run-up to Spring Equinox around Full Moon

What are your new moon ‘rituals’ or even change of season traditions.

one of ours is to run around the house at the first drops of rain!! ! we got to do it last night!

New Moon in Spring ideas.
Each new moon is the end and the beginning of a new lunar cycle.
The renewal gives us an opportunity to check-in, set new intentions or reaffirm our ongoing goals.
Honour the New moon & Spring energy Set your intentions for next lunar cycle and Season while releasing and surrendering to the process of renewal.

  • Set your intentions for the coming season or month, meditate, journal, write it down.
  • Light a candle while setting your intentions.
  • Release and surrender anything you don’t want to take with you into the next cycle or Season. surrender and let go of anything that is not serving you. you can always ‘burn the paper.
  • Create a ‘New Moon space’ find a spot that you can decorate with flowers, nature, a candle. Bring in some blossom or seed pods.
  • Plant a seed. take a seed in your hand, meditate on your intentions, visualise your intentions growing, then plant it.
  • Clean your self and space clean, cleanse, refresh and renewal of yourself and home. Spring Clean or just change your bed.
  • Connect with others or yourself. Share your intentions or meditate on them to remind yourself through the month

click here to see full pdf

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