Reclaiming Yoga

“Above and beyond all else, to practice womb-friendly yoga is to support and encourage women in their experience of appropriate yoga practice. To that end, it is crucial not to support financially, or in any other manner, any organisation or individual known to exploit or manipulate women under the guise of teaching yoga.”

As a well woman yoga therapist. I am often asked what people should or shouldn’t do in menstruation or pregnancy.  For me it has always been about being inclusive to all with or without wombs, with or without menstruation. Being able to be yourself and in the body you have today, and having someone respect it and it’s cycles and stages of life.

My teacher Uma has shared freely some amazing resource from her book Yoni Shakti. in the hope we can make radical changes to the yoga community and reclaim yoga to respect womens bodies, rights and power.



What can we do to reclaim yoga for healing? Firstly we need to watch out and call out any of the following warning signs.

Yoni Shakti 2020 Thirteen Warning Signals


Finally for anyone wanting to help join the dots and find out what research and articles have already been written. Here is a sadly long yet not exhaustive list of evidence.

Yoni Shakti 2020 Compliation of Evidence