Self Care

30 Day Self-care challenge
Simple ideas to nourish, rejuvenate & care for your mind, body & spirit

1. Plan- decide when and how long you are going to spend on self-care every day. Use a diary, or
phone or calendar. Something you normally use. Set reminders. Commit and honour this. if
when the even pops up and you don’t want to do it, pick something simpler and more in-tune
with your energy and needs.

2. Be positive– write 3 words that affirm who you are. ‘I am caring, strong and passionate’, you
can decorate the words if you feel creative, write them on post its, leave them in hidden places
that you might find them at a later date. Or just repeat them in your mind.

3. Get outside- go for a walk or just sit in the garden, match your activity with your energy
level. Smell the air, the trees, the flowers. Feel the rain or wind. Appreciate nature around us,
the animals, bugs and birds. Feel your feet in the earth or the grass and feel connected.

4. Get moving- run, walk, cycle, dance, yoga, move your body in your own way for at least 30
mins, if you are low of energy, focus on your breath in a gentle yoga sequence or walk.
Important that you do not feel depleted, match your activity levels where you are.

5. What am I good at? – what are you naturally good at, what lights your heart, use these
skills in your work or activities today and see how it feels.

6. Eat well and mindfully– nourish your body, if your body could speak instead of your mind
and ego, it wouldn’t really crave cake but, healthy delicious colourful food. Find a new recipe
and make a nice lunch or dinner, share with family or alone, take time to enjoy without
technology or distraction, eat mindfully. Don’t chew and digest your thought only food!

7. Play music- everyone has a favourite, whether it is pop, rock or classical, listen quietly, or
jump and dance around, whatever rocks your soul.

8. Feel proud- what have you achieved recently, think about, write or tell someone your
accomplishments, personal challenges or just something you have done at work.

9. Try something new– or comfort zone is quite cosy, but can be fun to try something new.
Look for a new opportunity.

10. Friend time- Find your tribe, have a lunch with friends, a night out, enjoy company and a

11. Reflect- what have you learnt this year so far? What have you achieved, proud of, or what are
those sweet moments.

12. Go to bed early- try catch an early night or get a lay in, sleep is the most important factor in
healing the body and boosting immunity, vitality and balancing hormones.

13. Identify your stress– sit down and write down all worries in your life, see if you can find
some simple solutions to each of them. If time and healthy eating a problem? Maybe do when
you cook, make extra for the freezer. Are you unorganised? ask an organised friend to come
help you. (organised people love this!) knowing our stress and restrictions to a balanced life if
half the battle.

14. Be kind to yourself- today no self-criticism, inner critic can take a holiday. Practice self-love and compassion, treat yourself like a best friend. Don’t forget to tell yourself- thank you.

15. Be creative- everyone has something they love, from cooking, painting, knitting, tattooing?!
Doodle, draw, write poetry, sing, play music… you know what you need to do.

16. Listen to your body- Practice mindful meditation to help you
feel more present and connected to the body and mind you have today. ‘how do I feel today’

for women, practice cycle awareness, where are you in your menstrual cycle,
pregnancy, menopause? What is the moon doing today, how does it make you feel? What are
your energy levels, your thoughts and feelings today?

17. Say no- (or not today thank you) Remind yourself to set healthy boundaries. Listen to your
heart- is saying yes to something giving you a heavy heart, or know it will leave you feeling more
exhausted or under pressure. Be honest to yourself and skip something you really don’t want to
take on.

18. Dig in the dirt– get gardening, plant something, grow some veg, flowers or just get weeding.
Very therapeutic, grounding and perfect meditation.

19. Nurture your body– boost your energy and nutrients with a green smoothie or healthy
veggie packed salad. As you eat, taste the goodness, and listen to your body saying thank you.

20. Write a letter to yourself– use your journal to write a letter, describe things you love
about yourself or things you are proud of, what makes you unique and authentic? What makes
you happy or your passions, write freely knowing this isn’t for anyone but you.

21. Be thankful- You could write a list of 10 things you are thankful for or just sit with gratitude.
What are you grateful for today.

22. Reach out– know when to ask for help, feeling overwhelmed, ask family for support, delegate
chores in the house, or simply allow others to take care of us.

23. Visit somewhere you love- do you have a favourite spot, a café, an art gallery? Go
there, and reflect on what it is about this place that brings you joy.

24. Pamper yourself- time just for you and your body, could be a whole spa day, or just a
relaxing bath listening to music or a meditation.

25. Practice forgiveness– take time to forgive yourself, let go of the past and make a choice
to be kind to yourself.

26. Choose happiness- random acts of happiness and kindness, say hello to people, sing in the
car or shower, do something just for fun, have the cake.

27. Write in a journal doodle, visual journal or just write, don’t think or make it perfect, just
allow thoughts feelings to release. Use your journal for other self-care ideas mentioned, i.e. list
making, letters to yourself or being creative.

28. See or speak to your best friends- we are all busy and technology has supposedly
made us more connected… but when was last time you saw a good friend, hugged, cried,
laughed. Too far away? Just pick up the phone.

29. Seize the day- say yes, at lot of self-care is saying no to things that over burden us, but don’t
forget to say yes to interesting things, a new perspective might help, have lunch in a new place,
with a new friend or say yes to the yoga class you just don’t have time for.

30. Love your body- and I mean all of it. That flabby belly, the wonky toes, your curly hair, the
C-section scars. Nothing is more liberating than loving the amazing body you live in. Forgive your
‘flaws’, embrace your freckles and know nothing you change will make you happier than when
you accept yourself for what you have today.

self care ideas (click for free download sheet)