Thai Massage

Thai Massage, has it’s roots in yoga and tradition eastern medicine. It is better felt that described.. it is yummy! where else can you feel deeply worked in your muscle whilst being  rocked to relaxation (except for yoga)

It is a holistic massage and suitable for all!  clothes on, no oils and on the floor so completely portable and accessible for everyone what ever your ability.

The theory is based on a system of energy lines running through the body; disturbances or blockages in the energy lines can manifest in musculo-skeletal pain and tension, restricted mobility and disease.

With a combination of yogic stretches and acupressure techniques, the therapist uses their hands, arms and feet to stimulate the flow of lines to unblock stagnant, trapped energy.

The rhythmic rocking nature of TYM can often induce a meditative state enhancing the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself.

There is something for everyone. TYM has had great results for active people who want their body to achieve maximum potential, but also for the less mobile who have difficulty exercising, so ideal for pregnancy. It is also ideal treatment for those who need stress relief, improved concentration, improved flexibility and posture. There is an element of Ayurvedic application, tailoring the massages and advice to the individual’s mind and body type.

As Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic treatment the benefits can be far reaching to the problem you originally came for. It is wonderfully soothing and relaxing and can leave you feeling energised, refreshed and with a deep sense of Well being.

Currently not offering Thai Massage but hope to running Clinic soon… watch this space