Women’s Yoga

Are you in need of some feminine balance? This maybe hormones or balancing your energies in your busy life as a women? Are you looking to conceive? Are you pregnant or in the postnatal time?  Are you at the end of your cycle’s life and looking for physical and emotional nurturing as you move through the menopause?  Maybe you are looking for yoga practices that help or just enjoy during periods? Where ever you are in your female life come enjoy.

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 Suitable for all women, all ages, with or without yoga experience, anyone who wants and needs connecting and rebalancing their feminine side. Rediscover your body’s natural rhythm or adapt to changes in your cycle’s life.

What is Womb Yoga?

Womb yoga is the practice of connecting to our womb cycles our Yoni Shakti and our menstrual well being. It re-connects us to our inner wisdom with profound beautiful feminine practices. Womb yoga is spiritual, self -accepting, kind and nourishing.

Its techniques are ways of harnessing our energies and creativity. Womb yoga grounds and trains us to intuitively create mindful practices to respect our bodies and creative energies,

By bringing womb yoga into our lives we connect to the awareness of our cycles, our inner yoga. From start of our journey as teens through to post-menopause, womb yoga is a powerful and evolving approach to yoga.

It is hard to describe detailed practices of womb yoga, as unlike a formal system, it is more organic, intuitive and honours of how you are today. With approach to monitoring our energies and honouring our seasons we can modify our practices accordingly daily. Your womb become your own inner teacher.

All the practices are gentle, harmonious and nurturing. So suitable in pregnancy, Postnatal, menopausal or just need a bit of TLC!  there are classes, workshops, day retreats and one to one consultations. All filled with feminine, nourishing and fluid practices working with the body, breath and resonating sound work to be deeply healing and relaxing. in a group setting it is also a great chance to share in the company on your fellow sisters.

Why women’s specific Yoga?… it this world where yoga there has been some interesting discussions lately how women have been forgotten (although most practitioners today are women) it has become very Linear and dogmatic striving for more and more. there have been reports of inappropriate behaviour, injuries and  pushing to extremes. If we look back further and into other Female customs and fertility rites, we can fine a path more fluid, juicy, luscious, rich and curvaceous connection to Shakti, which can evolve your yoga practice into one of bliss and balance.

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