Mother & Baby Yoga

We have been coming to mother and baby yoga for 8 months from when Austin was 6 weeks.  Austin and I both really enjoy the classes and we both benefit.  It has been perfect to do some post natal exercises for me at the same time as having some fun with Austin in a relaxing and friendly environment.  The classes have always been very adaptable depending on Austins age and mood! I would definitely recommend the class to other mums’          EMILY & AUSTIN 

Mother and Baby yoga isn’t another baby class, This is an important time for Mum’s Postnatal healing as much care and time is taken looking after mum as is the babies. so no putting the baby aside to do ‘proper exercise’. We do it together.

The Postnatal healing time is not an easy one, with the body weakened from pregnancy, lack of sleep and a new role in life can take its toll both physically and emotionally.

Mother and Baby yoga is a chance to release tension, rest with their baby, Strengthening not only the body, but the bond with their babies as they learn to move and relax together.

The classes are small informal full of laughter and songs..Benefits are wide reaching-

For mum-

  • Postnatal recovery- with use of Healing Asana, Breathing and Relaxation
  • Emphasis on stabilising Pelvis Floor, strengthening abdominals and lower back
  • Improving Posture (great time to do it while post-natally!)
  • Re-energising and restoring vitality
  • Relieves stress, tension and anxiety of early motherhood.
  • Small classes to share experiences and encourage each other.


For Baby

  • Passive stretches and flowing movement which helps to alleviate common ailments, such as colic, wind and aid digestion.
  • Improve confidence and self-awareness.
  • The joy of movement, songs, sounds and development of imagination.
  • Aid relaxation and restful sleep.

For Both .

  • Breathing, sound, visualisation help develop a deeper bonding.
  • Babies and mums encouraged to be able to relax in each other’s company – helps both sleep more soundly.
  • Learn techniques to use every day to help carrying, lifting, breath-work and to build confidence.